Alumni Campaign


Help us achieve our goal 
of renovating the lobby in
Buena Vista Hall!



During the May 2016 Alumni weekend, several alumni spoke to me about their desire to help with a renovation project to renovate the girls’ dorm lobby.  Administration has approved this renovation as the primary capital project for 2017. 

As part of the renovation project and at the encouragement of many Alumni, Administration voted to name the girls dorm lobby in honour of Minnie Edison.  Minnie Edison was hired by President Ralph Janes in July 1985 to supervise the janitorial department at Kingsway.  Hearkening back to her first day of work, Minnie has had a profoundly positive impact on hundreds of students including current students.  Both of Minnie’s sons, Jimmy and Charlie, are Kingsway College graduates.  Since she had never attended Kingsway as a student, Minnie was named Honorary Alumnus of the year for 2002.  Minnie’s dedication to Kingsway College and her love for every student has earned her the appointment of Head Dean of the girls’ dormitory in July 2007.  Minnie, even though she is past her official retirement date, continues to serve the girls’ dorm as head dean, and is loved by all.  It is our honor to recognize Minnie’s tireless service with this token of appreciation.

​Kingsway has just received a $25,000 matching pledge toward this project if $25,000 is raised by Alumni Weekend May 26-28, 2017.  Please help us rasie $25,000 and turn it into $50,000.


Project Goal: $90, 000

Contact Greg Bussey (289) 688-1087 to make a donation,  send a cheque made payable to Kingsway College and marked "Minnie Edison Lobby" Reno 2017 or click on the "Donate" button on this page, set up an account under Adventist Pay and make your donation on line.

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Thank you for your generous contribution to this project!