André Langevin

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s) and Student(s):

As a parent/guardian, one way to keep up with the student’s grade is to request a “parent code” from me to view some of the student’s work posted on Schoology.

You need not wait for the progress report, 6 weeks into the semester, to receive your Schoology code.

The Chromebook program, as much as possible, is an effective tool we can use to become a paperless society. Thus, each student get their assignments from Schoology and post most class work on SchoologyTurn It In and on Google Drive as per the teacher's requests.

Another way to keep up with the student's grades is to visit PowerSchool as often as possible. The student’s updated grade is NOT located on Schoology. Please note, beginning each semester, my grades will be posted toward the end of week 5. Following week 5, grade updates are once a week or by weekly pending on the unit length. Also, at the end of week 5, Kingsway College will send you a progress report and a letter informing you of the parent/teacher conference date and other information required to access PowerSchool. This way it is easy to quickly flag potential problems. If you have trouble accessing PowerSchool request some help from the Kingsway College Records Office. Again, you need not wait for the progress report, 6 weeks into the semester, to receive your PowerSchool code.

Should a student have assignments not handed in (NHI), it may be possible to turn in some of these assignments. The student should talk with the teacher and see what can be done to better the grade.

Students - Extra help? I am available from 3:00 - 4:15 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Often a student only needs 15 minutes to verify their understanding.
It is best to communicate with me via e-mail (my computer is near me most of the day). If you phone me, you will likely get my voice mail. Please leave me a message. It should not be long before I get back to you.

Parent(s) / Guardian(s) - If you need to meet with me please make an appointment, 3:00 - 4:15 Monday, Tuesday, and ThursdayAn appointment must be requested (please - click on the link).

I am looking forward to a successful school year.

All the best,

André Langevin, M.A.