Fees & Payments

All fees and a fees worksheet are included in each application packet.
NORTH AMERICAN STUDENTS (Click here for a Fee Worksheet)
Option 1 - Full Payment:
Full payment by cash or cheque is made on or before registration day.  The student will receive a 3% discount on the total amount they are required to pay for the school year.
Option 2 - Ten Monthly Payments:
A down payment, as stated on the fees worksheet, is made on or before registration day.  The remainder of the total amount required to pay for the school year is divided into 10 or 12 monthly payments.  Payments may be made by cash, cheque, credit card, or pre-authorized bank payments.
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (Click here for a Fee Worksheet)
Kingsway College requires that all international students pay the total school fee before an acceptance letter for a student visa may be issued.  The full payment must be received by July 15 if attending the whole school year and December 31 if attending only the second semester.  These deadlines will allow time to send the official acceptance letter which must be taken to the Canadian Immigration Office in the country of residence to obtain a student visa.  If a student is unsuccessful in obtaining a visa, then the entire payment for the school fee minus the general fee will be refunded.

If you have any questions/inquiries, please contact us at admissions@kingswaycollege.on.ca. or our online chat.