Financial Assistance

Details for financial assistance are included in the Fees Worksheet.
Here are the descriptions for each potential financial assistance:

Work is available to students who are Canadian citizens or lawful permanent residents of Canada with a Social Insurance Number. Students can work in several areas on campus: cafeteria, residence hall, offices, maintenance, or College Woodwork*. The funds earned in the work program go directly to the student's bill.

*College Woodwork - A quality furniture manufacturer owned by Kingsway College located on the campus.  Here, monthly cash bonuses are available based on job performance.
A program whereby funding is provided in equal 1/3 portions each from the student’s local church, the student's local church conference, and Kingsway College.

A 3% discount on the total amount due for the entire school year when full payment made by cash or cheque is received on or before registration day.

A discount given to families with more than one child currently enroled at Kingsway College.

A scholarship that is awarded based solely on financial need (proof may be requested).  This fund is awarded on a first come, first served basis so apply early to avail of it. 
Scholarships that are available to students who have been enroled at Kingsway College for at least one semester.  These scholarships are awarded based on various criteria - academic, leadership, citizenship, etc.  These scholarships are funded through the generous support of alumni and friends of Kingsway College who believe strongly in Christian education.  An Awards Assembly is held at the end of each school year to recognize scholarship recipients and to acknowledge many of the donors who personally present the awards.
These Awards are:
  • Service Not Fame Award
  • College Woodwork Awards
  • Staff Achievement Scholarship
  • Model Student Award
  • Aerials Award
  • KC Band Director's Award
  • John Philip Sousa Band Award
  • KC Choir Director's Award
  • Gail Mohns Symphonic Choir Award
  • Drama Director's Award
  • Best Actor Award
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Rotary Club Awards
  • Perfect Attendance for the Year
  • Academic Awards
  • Class od 1988, Grade 12 Scholarship
  • George Booth Manley
  • Keven Wayne Johnson
  • Kathleen & George Madden
  • Christopfer Jones
  • George Piper Jr.
  • Ara and Marianti Kahraman
  • Percy Menuel Scholarship
  • Gail Mohns Memorial
  • Dowden Family
  • Connelly Family
  • The TBG (Pual Yoo)
  • Edna & George Tait Scholarship
  • Marilyn Frood Memorial
  • Evelyn Burkitt Miller
  • Vera and Harold Lofthouse
  • Class of 1966 Predident's Scholastic (Eleonor)
  • Stair Factory
  • Verna Ritchey
  • Terezia Igracki Business Ediucation Scholarship
  • Benjamin-Edith Juriansz
  • John and Ottillie Unger
  • Earl Wood Memorial
  • Margaret Murdoch Reeves
  • Tan Family
  • Samuel and Violet Blackwell
  • Moore Munroe Scholarship
  • Leroy Albert Miller
  • Dr. Beth (Foster) Wilkins
  • CUC
  • Union College
  • Andrews University
  • Southwestern Adventist University
  • Lt. Gov. Community Colunteer Award
  • Yvonne Weststrate Grizzall Memorial Award - Class of 1974
  • Science Department Scholarship
  • North American Division Caring Heart Award

*Please note that there is no financial assistance available for international, non-affiliate students.